quarta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2010

Superheroes + comic books + graffiti = ?

Dêem uma olhada no trabalho deste artista australiano MEGGS que expõe agora em Hong Kong. Caso estejam dando uma passadinha por lá não eixem de ver...rs... Deixo o texto de apresentação que saiu na imprensa chinesa.

On Friday, July 9th, Hong Kong’s Above Second Gallery is launching an exciting solo exhibition featuring the artwork of MEGGS, a rising talent from Melbourne, Australia.
Having previously exhibited in Tokyo and London, the artist’s work often shows a masterful use of color and typography that can be traced back to influences including comic books, graffiti, and packaging design.
But there’s more to MEGGS’ work than just flashy images.
Similar to a frame in a comic book, there’s also a strong story-telling quality to his work. In his paintings, MEGGS succeeds in capturing expressive moments and conveying a split-second of action (as in the image above.)
In some ways, MEGGS, who hails from Melbourne, is a throwback to an earlier era. New York graffiti legends from the 1970′s and 80′s were heavily influenced by comic books. (We know this because cartoon characters and explosive lettering styles appeared all over the city’s subway cars during the time period!)

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